Hambolhom, Nabaoy

When the heat seems to be unbearable, taking a dip in a refreshingly cool river is just the best way to beat it, or for a change when you always swim at the beach.

I love soaking into the river whenever I feel hot. I usually lie down on a shallow area, listen to the gushing sound of flowing water, and let every inch of my skin cool down. 😄

..And the fun doesn’t just end there. A perfect relaxation is not complete without music. While enjoying my invigorating moment, the boys of Hambolhom played their hand drums, tambol.

In filipino culture, in the olden days and even until now, tambol is used in healing rituals and sacred ceremonies.

This may be why I feel mentally and emotionally calm, as if healing is working from the inside out whenever I listen to the hand drum music.

It sets a certain ambience that makes me feel one with nature, overflowing with positive energy.

There is a beautiful fire pit perfect for hotdogs and marshmallows by the river as well.

Hungry yet? No problem.

I was suprised that we can actually order food for lunch there. They serve native chicken, fish, meats, my favorite crayfish 😍, and the fruits and vegetables that are available in the area.

Family picnic
…or we could have enjoyed lunch with this set up too.😆

Because the water is clear, you can see small fishes, tiny crabs, and black spiral shells that the locals around the river collect for food.

Next time I might collect shells and ask the chef in Hambolhom to cook them in coconut milk 🙂.

Many tourists in Boracay come to the river for a change and for a little adventure and I think the place is worth it.

It is more or less 20 minutes away from the island of Boracay and very accessible.