Summer in the River

What else can replenish heat during the summer in the Philippines? The river. To find a clean and clear river in the Philippines is an amazing thing when your body is worn out and overheating because of the scorching heat of the summer sun. This time of year is no joke when you live inContinue reading “Summer in the River”


Wounded soul stay still, for time will surely heal. Fill your eyes with beautiful sight, and let your heart see the light. When hope seems like a dimming candle,And everything is  hard to handle,Be still in God’s cradle,For there is nothing that He can’t handle. For when you wake up in the morning, And stillContinue reading “Still”

Hidden Paradise

“Take me to paradise, to where my heart lies. A place so blissful, my mind peaceful. My soul, full.” We all need a break! The hustle and bustle of every day life, the never ending worries, and even the boredom of being in the same place all the time drain and wear me out. Fortunately,Continue reading “Hidden Paradise”

Beach Life During the Pandemic

Salt on my skin and sand on my feet every day!!! So how do I start my day at the beach?… Well I wake up at 4:50 a.m., make myself a cup of black coffee and head out to my office! My coffee tastes extra good with my morning view  while having my online class fromContinue reading “Beach Life During the Pandemic”

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