Summer in the River

What else can replenish heat during the summer in the Philippines?

The river.

To find a clean and clear river in the Philippines is an amazing thing when your body is worn out and overheating because of the scorching heat of the summer sun.

This time of year is no joke when you live in a tropical country since cold drinks and desserts are not enough to quench the heat and thirst!

Admit it! You are melting. Sweating endlessly and you are still thirsty after a glass of cold water, – you can’t actually stay away from a pitcher filled with water and ice!

Let me tell you.

Take a dip into a cool and fresh water river, sit on a shallow area and enjoy your cold favorite drink. Trust me! There is no better way to feel refreshed.

As you dip your feet, the cool river water seems to penetrate its freshness into your skin while taking away the uncomfortable warmth from the stinging sunlight.

The cold and relaxing sound of the river just compels you to indulge completely into its goodness and as you close your eyes you end all the discomforts.

As the river flows and as your skin feels it move along, all your stress and weariness feels like being carried away by the soft current, leaving you anew.

Bubbles underneath the river bed that trickle upward feels like a gentle massage and makes you want to float mindlessly while staring blankly at the blue sky, whilst, some bamboo trees in both sides of the river align to give shade.

Nothing beats the goodness from nature. Its healing starts from within and reverberates to the outside, to your whole being. Your soul and your body in harmony.

Forget the wrath of the pandemic for a while. Let the river cradle you. Let it remind you that taking care of nature offers healing and rejuvenation like no other. A life anew.


Wounded soul stay still, for time will surely heal.

Fill your eyes with beautiful sight, and let your heart see the light.

When hope seems like a dimming candle,
And everything is  hard to handle,
Be still in God’s cradle,
For there is nothing that He can’t handle.
Mama Deding’s hobby ❀

For when you wake up in the morning, And still see the flowers blooming, Rest assured that life goes on, You will see a bright new dawn.

Where there’s seems to be no way, God will make a way, So live your life to the fullest today, For as long as we have God come what may.

Mama Deding’s art

We all feel unready and hurled, Like a tumbleweed calamities, war, and the pandemic swirled, When will we all survive this? And finally say life’s a bliss.

Though many are now gone, The inevitable change is undone, So whilst we live we must adapt, For none survives trapped.

To win or outlast is not certain, But let us not let our soul weaken, Because we are being strengthened by burden, And good can never be beaten.

Forgive, forget, ignore, and love. Pray, enjoy, breathe, and share what you have, Because soon none on earth will matter, But the good deeds we planted in hearts will prosper. ❀

Hidden Paradise

Take me to paradise, to where my heart lies. A place so blissful, my mind peaceful. My soul, full.”

We all need a break! The hustle and bustle of every day life, the never ending worries, and even the boredom of being in the same place all the time drain and wear me out.

Fortunately, I know where to drown these burdens and sometimes the waves just wash them away. 😊

It was in 2017 when I first visited Hinugtan. We rode a boat from Boracay going there and I was excited the whole time.

Going to Hinugtan for the first time with some Lapu-Lapu divers of Boracay and their families.
Getting ready to sail 😊

Tranquility, bliss, and paradise! The words that came to my mind when I first set foot in Hinugtan.

This is definitely my favorite beach. Why? The sand is white, the place is quiet because there are no many people, and the lilies are pretty. πŸ’—

The rain lilies are everywhere. PRETTY
No crowd, no noise.

I have no worries letting my 3 kids roam around. The place is safe and clean. There are many beautiful shells for them to pick up and scared small crabs for them to catch too!

They would also pour sand on each other’s head πŸ˜† and run around as if they own the place. Kids and the beach, lovely combination.

As for Jb, he is always up for diving with his dive buddy Naldo. They always make sure that their dive gears and equipment are ready to use, stored back in Naldo’s place. Of course! The dive site is a must-see in the place as well.

Jb and Naldo

I could stay here for a week or more! Jb can dive, the kids can swim and play in the sand, and me stress free 😌.

It is not a sin to escape reality for a while, is it? Ok, moving forward.

One of the best things that I like to do in Hinugtan is to get cozy in a hammock when I get tired and sleepy. The gentle breeze seems to whisper lullaby to my ears.

I just relax there for hours while staring at the blue sky. I watch the clouds drift by and listen to some insects make sounds that feel comforting to me.

Beach Life During the Pandemic

Salt on my skin and sand on my feet every day!!!

So how do I start my day at the beach?… Well I wake up at 4:50 a.m., make myself a cup of black coffee and head out to my office!

My office at 4:55 a.m. 

My coffee tastes extra good with my morning view  while having my online class from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. The sunrise always starts my day beautiful.

Almost 6 a.m.

Just like in any other beaches, boats and fishermen arrive at this time around and the locals come and wait for them. The fish is fresh and the cost is way cheaper than in the market, – and if the catch is bountiful, buyers might get more, or even free.

During the onset of the pandemic, the fishermen were blessed with good catch and they were also kind enough to give us and the rest of the locals living by the beach free fish.

People here help each other to cast the net and pull it up since it can’t be done by one man. As for the catch, they share what they get equally after a less than 40-minute of teamwork.

This is how the other end of the net and the teamwork looks like. It is the same on the other side.

As for me, when everything is bright and moving already, I often get tempted by the crystal clear water in front of the beach house. Swimming, as most of us already know, is one of the best ways to stay fit.

Sometimes me and my family would walk up to the end of the other side of the cove and pickup shells, or ride the paddleboard !!!! 

Some of the areas in Malay were restricted to swim and we are just lucky to be exempted. The beach is our only playground, our happiness during the lockdown, and what kept us sane.

JB is also very productive during the lockdown. He planted bok choy, eggplant, okra, string beans, and cucumber at our backyard.

With the fish from the frontyard and the vegetables from the backyard, it made us feel a little bit secure that we won’t get hungry during the lockdown.

At 4 p.m., the kids play by the beach while me and JB wait for the sun to set. We always have beautiful sight in the late afternoon.

Another day is over and another one to look forward to…

Hambolhom, Nabaoy

When the heat seems to be unbearable, taking a dip in a refreshingly cool river is just the best way to beat it, or for a change when you always swim at the beach.

I love soaking into the river whenever I feel hot. I usually lie down on a shallow area, listen to the gushing sound of flowing water, and let every inch of my skin cool down. πŸ˜„

..And the fun doesn’t just end there. A perfect relaxation is not complete without music. While enjoying my invigorating moment, the boys of Hambolhom played their hand drums, tambol.

In filipino culture, in the olden days and even until now, tambol is used in healing rituals and sacred ceremonies.

This may be why I feel mentally and emotionally calm, as if healing is working from the inside out whenever I listen to the hand drum music.

It sets a certain ambience that makes me feel one with nature, overflowing with positive energy.

There is a beautiful fire pit perfect for hotdogs and marshmallows by the river as well.

Hungry yet? No problem.

I was suprised that we can actually order food for lunch there. They serve native chicken, fish, meats, my favorite crayfish 😍, and the fruits and vegetables that are available in the area.

Family picnic
…or we could have enjoyed lunch with this set up too.πŸ˜†

Because the water is clear, you can see small fishes, tiny crabs, and black spiral shells that the locals around the river collect for food.

Next time I might collect shells and ask the chef in Hambolhom to cook them in coconut milk πŸ™‚.

Many tourists in Boracay come to the river for a change and for a little adventure and I think the place is worth it.

It is more or less 20 minutes away from the island of Boracay and very accessible.