Wounded soul stay still, for time will surely heal.

Fill your eyes with beautiful sight, and let your heart see the light.

When hope seems like a dimming candle,
And everything is  hard to handle,
Be still in God’s cradle,
For there is nothing that He can’t handle.
Mama Deding’s hobby ❤

For when you wake up in the morning, And still see the flowers blooming, Rest assured that life goes on, You will see a bright new dawn.

Where there’s seems to be no way, God will make a way, So live your life to the fullest today, For as long as we have God come what may.

Mama Deding’s art

We all feel unready and hurled, Like a tumbleweed calamities, war, and the pandemic swirled, When will we all survive this? And finally say life’s a bliss.

Though many are now gone, The inevitable change is undone, So whilst we live we must adapt, For none survives trapped.

To win or outlast is not certain, But let us not let our soul weaken, Because we are being strengthened by burden, And good can never be beaten.

Forgive, forget, ignore, and love. Pray, enjoy, breathe, and share what you have, Because soon none on earth will matter, But the good deeds we planted in hearts will prosper. ❤