Summer in the River

What else can replenish heat during the summer in the Philippines?

The river.

To find a clean and clear river in the Philippines is an amazing thing when your body is worn out and overheating because of the scorching heat of the summer sun.

This time of year is no joke when you live in a tropical country since cold drinks and desserts are not enough to quench the heat and thirst!

Admit it! You are melting. Sweating endlessly and you are still thirsty after a glass of cold water, – you can’t actually stay away from a pitcher filled with water and ice!

Let me tell you.

Take a dip into a cool and fresh water river, sit on a shallow area and enjoy your cold favorite drink. Trust me! There is no better way to feel refreshed.

As you dip your feet, the cool river water seems to penetrate its freshness into your skin while taking away the uncomfortable warmth from the stinging sunlight.

The cold and relaxing sound of the river just compels you to indulge completely into its goodness and as you close your eyes you end all the discomforts.

As the river flows and as your skin feels it move along, all your stress and weariness feels like being carried away by the soft current, leaving you anew.

Bubbles underneath the river bed that trickle upward feels like a gentle massage and makes you want to float mindlessly while staring blankly at the blue sky, whilst, some bamboo trees in both sides of the river align to give shade.

Nothing beats the goodness from nature. Its healing starts from within and reverberates to the outside, to your whole being. Your soul and your body in harmony.

Forget the wrath of the pandemic for a while. Let the river cradle you. Let it remind you that taking care of nature offers healing and rejuvenation like no other. A life anew.